Attention All NFT Enthusiasts: Here’s What You Stand to Gain at GameStar Exchange

The advent of NFTs has completely changed the value proposition for creators, making it an enormous rage in the crypto space. Many NFT projects come with an insane price rally, drawing collectors and artists across the globe. With more and more mainstream adoption, NFTs have become a reliable source of both active and passive income for gamers and creators alike. Not to mention that owning and investing in NFTs are no less than a status symbol for the ‘Millenials.’

GameStar Exchange intends to pioneer this crazy ‘NFT-mania’ with its unparalleled offerings as a decentralised P2P exchange. In doing so, GameStar Exchange houses the rarest of rare in-game items in the form of NFTs. And that’s not it! Apart from the in-game items, GameStar Exchange also boasts items like gun skins, Dota gun skins, etc from popular traditional games like CS:GO.

Quite notably, GameStar Exchange revolutionises P2P NFT trading of all kinds with unmatched security and a seamless user experience. Wondering how GameStar Exchange does all of this? Well, allow us to elaborate!

NFT: History, Problems and More

It wasn’t until late 2020/early 2021 when NFTs saw a boom in mainstream adoption. However, unlike common belief, that’s not when the first NFTs were created. The history of NFTs can be traced back to May 3rd, 2014, when a man called Kevin McCoy minted the first NFT (or crypto art as it was then called) “Quantum.”

Quantum is a pixelated image of an octagon filled with circumcircles sharing the same centre. As of now, the same Quantum NFT is worth around seven million dollars! Fast forward to 2017, the group of Cryptopunks were born in the Ethereum blockchain. Then came the Crypto Kitties, Bored Ape and many more, until NFTs became a thing of the glorious “present.”

Currently, creating and minting NFTs is no longer an elitist or cumbersome task, especially with brands like Rarible and OpenSea providing a platform to all NFT enthusiasts. However, both these platforms come with their own set of drawbacks, some of which have been listed below:

  • Limited Market Reach
  • High GAS Fees
  • No Incentives for Users
  • Strict Regulations and KYC
  • Neglected Gaming Industry

GameStar Exchange, through its unique NFT, Metaverse and in-game item market, eliminates the problems mentioned above. Also, it provides a fair and suitable platform for people from all across the globe, therefore driving inclusion.

Own The Gaming Economy With GameStar Exchange NFTs

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Gaming, as an industry, has gained tremendous significance in the last few years, although its history dates back to the early 50s. From the dawn of arcade games to the ultimate rise of home consoles, the gaming industry has seen it all. What once started as a simple experiment by a bunch of curious engineers has now developed into widespread entertainment jargon, making the gaming industry huge and very profitable.

A step ahead from the centralised games are the ones based on the blockchain. With the advent of decentralised games like Axie Infinity, players now get a chance to make money doing what they love. Enter GameStar Exchange, a platform that enables users to mint in-game items as NFTs and enjoy the colossal value proposition it offers for years to come.

GameStar Exchange has an exclusive NFT and metaverse market primarily catering to gamers across the globe. Artists or game developers can publish auction information for collections, and collectors can advertise needs and sell corresponding work. GameStar Exchange rewards artists for all creations and transactions with mining incentives. Moreover, GameStar Exchange guarantees asset safety and allows two-way trading in the NFT and Metaverse markets.

With a global and two-way decentralised market, GameStar Exchange powers both the auctioneer and bidder, thanks to its seamless cross-chain capable platform that facilitates P2P trade. Collectors, gamers, and artists can browse through GameStar Exchange’s NFTs up for grabs and seal their ownership by owning the rare in-game items available on GameStar Exchange’s two-way marketplace.

Why GameStar Exchange When You Hunt For Your Next NFT

GameStar Exchange is the next-generation P2P marketplace with a large number of sellers and buyers registered on the platform. It is pioneering disruption in the game item markets brought about by blockchain tech and NFTs. Let us glance through some of the key reasons why it makes GameStar Exchange the obvious choice for all your P2P NFT trades:

  • GameStar Exchange houses several authentic and verified sellers across the globe with their unique arts and collectables — a paradise for the collectors looking for the next big thing.
  • As a decentralised P2P exchange, GameStar Exchange facilitates direct on-chain transactions with self custody of the assets. The Exchange will not ask for the keys of your asset, unlike centralised exchange.
  • It is built on Polkadot, enabling multi-chain deployment, immensely bringing down the GAS fees, one of the biggest problems on platforms like Rarible and OpenSea.
  • Since GameStar Exchange is a community-driven protocol, users have voting rights in the DAO governance that keeps the platform’s integrity intact.
  • GMS, the native utility token of GameStar Exchange, comes with a host of use cases. Notably, GMS helps in decreasing the trading fee by 25%.
  • The critical aspects of the DEX are security protocols like encrypted chats and a dispute arbitration system called Taurus protocols that infuses trust within the P2P trading community.

If You Like Gaming and Metaverse, You Will Love GameStar Exchange

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In November 2021, Facebook rebranded itself to Meta. The social media giant made this conscious attempt to extend the fantastical vision of the metaverse — a virtual world where you could interact with innumerable human avatars, lifelike characters, play games and do things that the wildest imagination can comprehend. Metaverse is deemed the tech of the future, and it is set to disrupt the way we engage with content right now.

GameStar Exchange will act as a gateway for the most prominent metaverses like Sandbox, Netvrk and Mars4. The portal will allow GameStar Exchange users to access different metaverses through various in-metaverse shops. It is an exciting prospect with endless possibilities that no other platform currently has for its users for free, making it exclusive and quite rare.

Gaming is one of the leading sectors that would set this space on fire with ultimately going meta. With the fusion of cryptocurrency, blockchain tech, and metaverse, this space is on the verge of a significant breakout point that would completely change the gaming industry. GameStar Exchange empowers these metaverse and gaming enthusiasts with its collection of gaming items and NFTs in its P2P market. The metaverse enthusiasts can hunt for their gems and earn flaunting rights in this meta world.


GameStar Exchange is positioned uniquely at the convergence point of gaming enthusiasts, and the digital disruption brought about by the NFT. Add in the metaverse marketplace, crypto and service-based gift cards to the long list of offerings by GameStar Exchange, and it’s a complete package!

As a revolutionary trading platform that allows peer-to-peer traders to connect their wallets to participate in the market directly, GameStar Exchange provides an efficient, safe, and profitable platform for global digital asset enthusiasts. It intends to lead the charge in this phase of disruption. No wonder GameStar Exchange is emerging to be the most trustworthy decentralised P2P exchange for gaming enthusiasts.

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The world’s leading decentralised P2P trading platform for GIFT CARDS, GAME ITEMS & NFTS.

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GameStar Exchange

The world’s leading decentralised P2P trading platform for GIFT CARDS, GAME ITEMS & NFTS.

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