Attention All NFT Enthusiasts: Here’s What You Stand to Gain at GameStar Exchange

NFT: History, Problems and More

  • Limited Market Reach
  • High GAS Fees
  • No Incentives for Users
  • Strict Regulations and KYC
  • Neglected Gaming Industry

Own The Gaming Economy With GameStar Exchange NFTs

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Why GameStar Exchange When You Hunt For Your Next NFT

  • GameStar Exchange houses several authentic and verified sellers across the globe with their unique arts and collectables — a paradise for the collectors looking for the next big thing.
  • As a decentralised P2P exchange, GameStar Exchange facilitates direct on-chain transactions with self custody of the assets. The Exchange will not ask for the keys of your asset, unlike centralised exchange.
  • It is built on Polkadot, enabling multi-chain deployment, immensely bringing down the GAS fees, one of the biggest problems on platforms like Rarible and OpenSea.
  • Since GameStar Exchange is a community-driven protocol, users have voting rights in the DAO governance that keeps the platform’s integrity intact.
  • GMS, the native utility token of GameStar Exchange, comes with a host of use cases. Notably, GMS helps in decreasing the trading fee by 25%.
  • The critical aspects of the DEX are security protocols like encrypted chats and a dispute arbitration system called Taurus protocols that infuses trust within the P2P trading community.

If You Like Gaming and Metaverse, You Will Love GameStar Exchange

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GameStar Exchange

GameStar Exchange

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