GameStar Exchange and Polkally Establish A Strategic Partnership

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3 min readJan 10, 2022


GameStar Exchange is pleased to announce that we have formed yet another strategic partnership with Polkally. As one of the most versatile crypto platforms, Polkally aims to offer real value to its community by bringing creators, artists, enthusiasts, etc. across different blockchains together. With unmatched privacy, no hidden fees and a user-friendly interface, Polkally’s various USPs are sure to benefit GameStar Exchange’s users.

Value Proposition For The Users

The crypto sphere saw tremendous growth in 2021, with many more exciting projects in the pipeline for 2022. Most of these projects are based on open-source blockchain platforms like Polkadot — which has seen a rapid rise since their inception. Polkally, based on Polkadot and IPFS, aims to build an ideal peer-to-peer auction platform. Keeping value creation for its user base as the top priority, Polkally aims to be among the top auction platforms.

GameStar Exchange’s strategic partnership will allow NFT enthusiasts to utilise the value-added services offered by Polkally, because of its interoperability across multiple blockchains. The aim is to get as many NFT enthusiasts as possible onboard while rewarding and incentivising them in the process.

This collaboration will allow users to auction and trade NFTs across numerous blockchains hassle-free with low fees. Overall, GameStar Exchange and Polkally aim to provide users with value and services that are presently considered too tough to sustain.

About Polkally

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Polkally is a peer-to-peer auction platform based on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) blockchains, IPFS and Polkadot. The idea is to build a platform of numerous blockchains which is easy to use, focused on privacy, and economical. Polkally’s ability to operate across multiple blockchains makes it the perfect crypto platform for anyone looking for an easy way to launch their crypto career.

This further means that even though Polkally is intended for art professionals, it can be used by anyone who wants to make their mark in the crypto world. The plan is to gradually add support for networks or blockchains like Ethereum, EOS, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, and more.

Check out Polkally’s social media handles for more information.

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About GameStar Exchange

It is only natural for a decentralised NFT auction platform, Polkally, to complement a decentralised peer-to-peer trading platform, GameStar Exchange.

GameStar Exchange is the perfect place for digital asset enthusiasts as well as gamers. The exchange’s primary goal is to deliver a flawless trading experience to the users in terms of profit, efficiency, and safety. Users are in charge of the private keys to their smart contracts, which is how GameStar Exchange handles all transactions. With its leading and innovative tech infrastructure, the platform strives to deliver an experience that most similar platforms in the DeFi space fail to.

So, be sure to follow GameStar Exchange on social media handles to stay on top of the latest announcements regarding rewards, services, and more.

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