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This past weekend, GameStar Exchange was happy to sponsor the Blockchain, Crypto-Arts & Future of Money Conference 2021 in Lagos, Nigeria. The support was gratifying from the astounding turnout of crypto enthusiasts brought together by Blockchain Nigeria User Group. The African market is important to us and we look forward to providing a world-class P2P, decentralised digital asset exchange for gift cards, NFTs and game items.


The two-day event was filled with opportunities to discover how blockchain technologies will play a major role in unlocking the true potential of the global creator economy. Through GameStar Exchange, individuals can utilise the functions of our decentralised peer-to-peer platform to empower themselves and others all while maintaining digital ownership of their assets. GameStar Exchange will serve as a conduit for such international growth.

GameStar Exchange, Blockchain Nigeria User Group

We shared the stage with various influential blockchain and crypto companies plus engaged the attendees at our conference booth where we shared insights about our trading platform and brought to light the future of NFTs and blockchain gaming thanks to our powerful GMS utility token. Once our GameStar Exchange DEX goes live, we anticipate a close community relationship with our user base in Nigeria and beyond.

As a not-for-profit, industry-funded association since 2016, Blockchain Nigeria User Group creates opportunities for developers to explore blockchain development through education initiatives, and aims to be a voice for Nigerians and Africans around the world. By organizing conferences and summits for the community, fresh ideas begin to generate and the demand for structure and clarity arises. Advocacy for regulations are believed by BNUG to be what’s needed to achieve a sustainable blockchain development environment.

About GameStar Exchange

GameStar Exchange is the world’s leading decentralised P2P trading platform built on Polkadot for Gift Cards, Game Items, and NFTs. Providing an efficient, safe and profitable platform for global digital asset enthusiasts.

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The world’s leading decentralised P2P trading platform for GIFT CARDS, GAME ITEMS & NFTS.

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GameStar Exchange

The world’s leading decentralised P2P trading platform for GIFT CARDS, GAME ITEMS & NFTS.