GameStar Exchange Launches A Strategic Partnership With Diagon

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3 min readJan 6, 2022

GameStar Exchange is back again with a new partnership announcement–this time with Diagon, a platform for gaming enthusiasts. Diagon is among the most engaging crypto projects that strive to be genuinely valuable for its community. As a hyper-casual gaming platform, Diagon aims to be beneficial not just for hardcore gamers, but the general user.

GameStar Exchange believes that such aspects can offer endless profitable opportunities in the future. The crypto industry is constantly growing, with more and more people getting into the thick of it. With new projects coming into the picture every day, it is only getting tougher to substantiate your stand in the crypto sphere. Thus, this partnership with Diagon promises a thrilling yet beneficial adventure not just for the two users, but also for the gaming community as a whole.

Value Proposition For Users

Over time, blockchain-based gaming projects have witnessed exponential growth due to extraordinary fanfare. Similarly, more and more people are getting into NFTs, further boosting the crypto economy to new heights. Diagon aims to build a thriving gaming community, delivering a tremendous value proposition to its users. Unlike many other crypto-gaming projects that offer little to no gain to their patrons, Diagon’s top priority is to create substantial value for its vast community.

GameStar Exchange users will soon be able to enjoy the value and services proposed by the Diagon ecosystem with our strategic partnership. It’s a whole new opportunity for gaming and NFT enthusiasts as you will be able to earn gift cards and NFTs on Diagon simply by playing games. The rewards can be exchanged in GameStar Exchange’s marketplace for crypto! This partnership brings a mind-blowing value proposition as not just gamers, but everyday users can achieve incomparable profits by playing the super-simple mini-games on Diagon.

GameStar Exchange’s intention, with this partnership, is to expand the already beneficial aspect for the gaming community even further. The vision behind this partnership is to bring aboard those who are into digital assets and are looking for easier ways to incentivise them. With this collaboration, users will be able to trade gift cards or NFTs on Diagon for more compelling digital assets that the GameStar Exchange marketplace has to offer.

About Diagon

Diagon is a gaming platform that allows users to play hyper-casual games and earn digital assets in the process. With the vision to build an NFT, utility and casual gaming platform powered by crypto, Diagon further aims to captivate the global audience by offering long-term benefits. Diagon users can play super easy games to earn native tokens for every in-game progression. Users can easily make ends meet by trading vouchers and gift cards with Diagon Utility.

Apart from that, the Diagon NFT marketplace will allow users to exchange regular digital collectables and in-house gaming assets. The ecosystem utilises the Diagon (DGN), iDiagon(iDGN), and Casual (CSL) tokens for governance, instant liquidity, and utility, respectively. All in all, users can actualise huge profits from the services offered by Diagon.

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About GameStar Exchange

GameStar Exchange is a Polkadot-based peer-to-peer decentralised trading platform providing a profitable, efficient, and safe trading experience. This vision further helps GameStar Exchange to bring digital asset enthusiasts and the gaming community together. The most significant benefit that GameStar Exchange offers is that each transaction on the platform is maintained in smart contracts, and only users manage their private keys. Basically, users can exploit GameStar Exchange’s infrastructure to earn massive rewards without worrying about the aspects that currently cripple peer-to-peer trading in DeFi.

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