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3 min readOct 5, 2021


GameStar Exchange is delighted to add a new partner to our growing team taking on the P2P trading space. And it’s none other than CryptoLocally. The first fully decentralised crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat P2P, CryptoLocally provides you with the best and safest way to trade cryptocurrencies. This exciting alliance between GameStar Exchange and CryptoLocally will open new doors for both companies and amplify their presence and reach in the crypto market.

CryptoLocally is a popular non-custodial peer-to-peer (P2P) trading platform that supports over 20 cryptocurrencies. Supporting NFTs has always been a top priority for CryptoLocally. Consequently, the platform has evolved to become the most popular P2P trading platform for NFT-focused blockchains like WAX.

Furthermore, CryptoLocally has always been led by the goal of progressively integrating the NFT world. NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, which rose to immense popularity earlier this year, are one of the hottest things in the crypto space right now.

However, the growing appeal of NFTs also raises some serious questions, especially relating to the lack of fiat gateways for NFT protocols. This partnership with GameStar Exchange will bring CryptoLocally one step closer to this goal by providing traders with a secure P2P Fiat-to-NFT bridge.

Both brands share the same mission — to empower local P2P traders by expanding the number of secure P2P trading options available. And with this mission established, CryptoLocally can be a perfect solution to GameStar for fiat onboarding and offboarding in local markets. GameStar Exchange also plans to execute an NFT partnership with CryptoLocally in the future to help their users easily sell NFTs through P2P.

So how’s the partnership going to work? And how will it unlock value for users? Here’s everything you need to know.

Anyone with a basic understanding of NFTs and cryptocurrencies can clearly see how the partnership offers both companies endless opportunities and competitive advantages.

  • Basically, CryptoLocally will act as a payments bridge for GameStar Exchange.
  • By using CryptoLocally, all users on the GameStar Exchange platform can easily and securely buy cryptocurrencies.
  • They may also seamlessly buy and sell gift cards and NFTs on the GameStar Exchange platform.

This collaboration between GameStar Exchange and CryptoLocally will address some of the NFT ecosystem’s most pressing issues. Because they operate with the same set of principles in complementary sectors, the collaboration between GameStar Exchange and CryptoLocally will undoubtedly create profound synergies for both businesses.

The collaboration also comes as an exciting prospect for Blockwiz, a proud partner of both GameStar Exchange and CryptoLocally. Led by industry pioneers and trusted by more than 55 brands, Blockwiz is a crypto marketing agency based in Toronto.

About CryptoLocally

CryptoLocally is the first completely decentralised peer-to-peer crypto trading platform, allowing users to quickly and securely purchase and sell cryptocurrencies in their local currency utilising the site’s patent-pending smart contract escrow system. Users may trade over 20 different tokens and use more than 50 different payment methods all across the world.

All users of CryptoLocally also have access to the DeFi staking function. Users may effortlessly stake GIV, USDT, USDC, ETH, UNI, or DAI and earn up to 40% APY on their investments.

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About GameStar Exchange

A decentralised P2P trading platform for gift cards, game items, and NFTs, GameStar is a revolutionary platform that allows P2P traders to directly connect their wallets to participate in the market. All transactions on the GameStar platform are hosted in a smart contract, and users manage their own private keys to keep ownership of their assets and avoid the security risks associated with centralised administration.

Powered by Polkadot, GameStar Exchange enables global digital asset enthusiasts to trade efficiently, safely and profitably.

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