GameStar Exchange Partnership Announcement — GameStation

GameStation X GameStar Exchange

GameStar.Exchange is excited to announce yet another strategic partnership, this time with GameStation! GameStation is a gamified multi-chain gaming launchpad and NFT marketplace that will bring you the future of blockchain gaming. This exciting alliance will not only result in the creation of a strong and large shared network but will also present both GameStar.Exchange’s and GameStation’s products and services to the members of both communities.

To better understand the significance of a platform like GameStation, it’s important to look at the limitations faced by gamers and game developers of today.

Firstly, the lack of funding required to turn their ideas into reality often hinders independent gamers and developers all around the world. It is no secret that the resources accessible to independent game creators differ significantly from those available to major studios. Moreover, finding and retaining a paying audience for their games is one of the most significant challenges for independent game developers.

So, where does GameStation come into all of this? Well, here’s how.

By allowing independent game developers and gamers to fund their ideas without having to give up any equity or intellectual property, GameStation aims to empower them. Essentially, the GameStation launchpad and marketplace fosters community growth and interaction between creators and players, resulting in an enhanced user experience.

In addition to providing direct access to a large audience of gamers, GameStation also delivers seamless solutions for game developers, extra income sources, and an accessible marketplace to loan, borrow, sell, and exchange assets.

GameStar.Exchange and GameStation — The perfect combination

As the world’s leading decentralised peer-to-peer trading platform for gift cards, game items and NFTs, GameStar.Exchange has significant knowledge and expertise in developing NFTs for games, as well as in launching NFT’s on the marketplace. This is significant for the world of GameFi, where the tools developed by GameStar.Exchange can help gamers to interact with their in-game items much more efficiently. GameStar.Exchange also has its utility token, the $GMS token, which can be used for platform mining, transaction rewards, referral rewards, and other incentives on the platform.

Given how GameStation is also looking to build an ecosystem where game developers and the community can work hand in hand to develop the best GameFi games, by marketing their games on GameStar.Exchange’s platform, both brands seek to make gains. Developers will also be able to create their own in-game NFTs and sell them on a thriving NFT market as a result of the collaboration. Hence, this partnership is undoubtedly a milestone for both brands.

Certainly, this partnership could result in the establishment of a perfect GameFi ecosystem where both brands can work together to deliver much-needed solutions for gamers and developers. The partnership is also expected to see the creation of co-branded products and services for users. Exciting times to look forward to!

About GameStation

GameStation is a platform that helps gaming developers to raise funds and build a community. The multi-chain NFT marketplace of GameStation allows players to own the value of their in-game items, thereby allowing them to trade, borrow and lend them. GameStation also conducts community-led tournaments, where their community organises the event to play and earn.

As a bonus, GameStation also offers scholarships to players to teach and help them become the best.

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