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3 min readJan 17, 2022


GameStar Exchange is super excited to announce yet another exhilarating partnership with Multiverse. Since the crypto sphere is becoming oversaturated with so many players, it is not exactly a cakewalk to make your mark in the industry. Multiverse is set to change the crypto industry with its ambition to bring all metaverses/sub-universes under one roof. The platform has a lot to offer to the art, game, social, film, education, event, festival, and gambling metaverses. With Multiverse, players and creators in the sub-universes mentioned above can have an equal opportunity to engage and earn, all through a single decentralised currency.

Value Proposition For Users

Metaverses are growing day by day where people from different domains are coming together to collaborate and grow. This is true for virtually every industry out there. However, one of the major drawbacks of these Metaverse projects is that they are centralised, putting the players at high risk as a single institution wields all control.

This is where Multiverse steps in to address most, if not all, of the limitations of the metaverses. The Multiverse Coin, connecting all metaverses, provides a decentralised way to store, account and exchange value. Whenever a user participates in a specific metaverse, they can use the MVS coin to exchange for tokens and then convert it back instantly to lock the profit. Also, all Multiverse Coins are in circulation on the market, with a certain number of coins being mined and generated per block. This makes Multiverse a deflationary model. Therefore, the platform offers a massive value proposition to both creators and players in the metaverses.

Users on GameStar Exchange can soon reap the benefits proposed by Multiverse because of this partnership. Since the gaming industry is one of the many domains of metaverse, GameStar Exchange users can make the most out of both platforms. What we intend with this partnership is to bring as many players into the gaming metaverse as possible while incentivising them in the process. Together, GameStar Exchange and Multiverse are definitely set to provide many lucrative earning opportunities to players and creators in the gaming metaverse.

About Multiverse

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Multiverse is a decentralised currency that offers players and creators across numerous metaverses an equal opportunity to participate and earn. With a vision to overcome the significant drawbacks of the centralised metaverses, Multiverse aims to strengthen players’ faith in the metaverses as well as the crypto industry. The Multiverse Coin is mined just like Bitcoin. However, this is done with the help of Multiverse NFTs instead of material resources. All in all, the Multiverse platform aims to create a multiverse of multiverses in the crypto sphere where anyone and everyone can participate.

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About GameStar Exchange

As a decentralised peer-to-peer trading platform, GameStar Exchange offers gaming, NFT, and gift card enthusiasts an excellent opportunity to trade and earn huge profits. The platform allows game items, CD keys, and currency trading, which can be highly lucrative for gamers across the globe. Also, NFT creators and collectors can trade safely while earning mining incentives for transactions and creations on GameStar Exchange.

Apart from that, those interested in gift cards can exchange them for other gift cards and cryptocurrency. The platform offers all this along with features like cross-chain transactions and low transaction fees. GameStar Exchange is steadily becoming one the largest decentralised trading platforms in the gaming, NFT, and gift card markets.

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