GameStar Exchange Explained in 3 Minutes or Less

  1. Centralised custody of user assets on P2P platforms is risky, given the potential for compromise
  2. P2P platform transaction disputes are tedious and cumbersome, accounts are banned without warning, and user assets are frozen with no option to de-thaw them
  3. P2P platform transaction experience is poor, with fraud being a major concern
  4. P2P platform transaction fees are high, with Paxful’s fees ranging from 3–5% and LocalBitcoins’ at 1%
  5. High GAS fees are consumed in NFT transactions, and platform fees are 5–10%
  6. NFT transaction speeds are slow
  7. Unrealised potential in emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa

What is GameStar Exchange?

What problems does GameStar Exchange solve?

What is the market potential?




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