GameStar Genesis: Join GameStar Exchange User Testing and Earn Exclusive Rewards

Skills Required:

  1. Basic knowledge of crypto.
  2. Have used/transacted on a P2P exchange in the past.
  3. Have used/transacted using gift cards on any platform.
  4. Can manage time.
  5. Know the basics of reporting and record-keeping.

How to Be a Beta Tester for GameStar Exchange:

  1. Follow GameStar Exchange on Twitter.
  2. Follow GameStar Exchange on Instagram.
  3. Join GameStar Exchange on Discord.
  4. Follow and Like GameStar Exchange on Facebook.
  5. Join GameStar Exchange on Telegram.
  6. Subscribe to GameStar Exchange on YouTube.
  7. Hold at least 500 GMS tokens.
  8. Contact GameStar Exchange’s Community Manager on Telegram or Discord, and show your interest in the program.

Official Communication Channel:

How to Report:

  1. Beta testers can record their screen and highlight the bug report/issues that they face during the beta testing with an attached word file, describing the problem in detail.
  2. The beta tester can take screenshots of the bug report/issues and attach them in the word document with an explicit mentioning of the error.
  3. Suppose there is an issue that the beta tester is facing during the testing, but can’t record or take a screenshot to raise a flag-on. In that case, they can also do so by tagging the community manager on the Discord channel and discussing the issue with them or an assigned member of the GameStar Exchange team.

Things to Note:

  1. A separate channel will be created for the beta testers in the Discord group.
  2. The official testers will be provided with an official ID to which they need to send their weekly reports and findings during the testing period.
  3. As a beta tester, you will be sent some $GMS tokens, which you can use to do manual testing on GameStar Exchange platform. Once the beta testing period is over, those tokens must be sent back to the GameStar Exchange team.
  4. GameStar Exchange holds the right to reject any application or restrict any beta tester during the testing phase if they are violating any direction, rules or guidelines set by the GameStar Exchange team.

What Does A Genesis Star Gamer Receive:

In a Nutshell



The world’s leading decentralised P2P trading platform for GIFT CARDS, GAME ITEMS & NFTS.

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GameStar Exchange

GameStar Exchange

The world’s leading decentralised P2P trading platform for GIFT CARDS, GAME ITEMS & NFTS.