Global SuperStar Volunteer Recruitment Initiative

​Volunteer rights:

  1. Will have the opportunity to obtain the project’s early community private placement quota;
  2. Outstanding performers will be invited to join the project team as full members;
  3. Project benefits and airdrop activities are prioritised;
  4. A fixed salary will be paid for exceptional performance;

​Volunteer terms/conditions:

  1. Deep understanding of cryptocurrency, DeFi, gift cards, game items and/or NFTs;
  2. Have experience in community establishment, development and management, preferably involved in Telegram, Discord and/or Steam community management;
  3. Have certain graphic design, video editing and/or text writing capabilities;
  4. Conform to the agreement and have a sense of teamwork;

​Volunteer duties:

  1. Form and manage an official community to answer questions from its members and help the community better understand the project;
  2. Help with project marketing, as well as online and offline activities independently;
  3. Assist the project in social media promotion and brand image integrity;
  4. Provide optimisation solutions and suggestions to the project;

Application steps:

  1. Follow official Twitter:
  2. Join official TG community:
  3. PM official admin: @GameStarKamil



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