New Partnership Alert: Gamestar Exchange X Oravend

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2 min readJan 3, 2022


GameStar Exchange is excited to announce its new strategic partnership with Oravend! As a flourishing financial ecosystem, Oravend provides users easy access to crypto transactions anywhere in the world, anytime. Standing to their aim of making crypto spendable for all, this new partnership is expected to open hosts of avenues for both GameStar Exchange and Oravend users.

Value Proposition For The Users

Although cryptocurrency has been the talk of the town for quite some time now, many still shy away from diving deep into its many nuances. Despite the probability of high returns, the risks are many, which deters most from adopting this widespread digital currency. However, we, at GameStar Exchange and Oravend, realise the potential of Decentralised Finance (DeFi), one that has the capacity to shell out intermediaries just by using blockchain.

However, as of now, the process of converting your crypto to fiat in order to spend it for a real-world utility is quite tricky and very long. Oravend offers a respite from this by allowing users to easily spend their crypto by using their innovative crypto QR system. The Oravend ecosystem works through unshakeable inventive algorithms and is simple enough for each interactive touchpoint with its customers. So, the users earning their crypto through the various marketplaces on GameStar Exchange can benefit highly from what Oravend offers.

Therefore, we believe that this partnership with Oravend will potentially bring about remarkable developments in bridging the gap between crypto and real life. It will prove profitable in the defining path of both GameStar Exchange and Oravend and increase the scope of exciting new experiences for the users.

About Oravend

Oravend is a financial ecosystem that enables easy access to crypto transactions anywhere and that too in real-time. Users can utilize Oravend’s infrastructure to send and receive online and offline payments. Additionally, all these payments are fast, secure and cost-effective.

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About GameStar Exchange

Built on Polkadot, GameStar Exchange is a decentralised P2P trading platform for NFTs, gift cards and in-game items. Because of its decentralised nature, the transactions on GameStar Exchange are safe, secure, fast and with significantly less fees. Additionally, GameStar Exchange offers unmatched asset security where users hold the rights to their private keys, encrypted chats and a very effective dispute arbitration system called the Taurus Protocol.

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