Understanding GameStar Exchange: A Detailed Overview

The Centralised P2P Predicament

  • Transaction disputes are tedious and cumbersome.
  • Banning accounts without prior warning.
  • Freezing of traders’ assets with no option to de-thaw them.
  • High transaction fees are high, with Paxful’s fees ranging from 3%–5%.
  • No dedicated and prompt grievance redressal forum.
  • The user experience takes the first beating.
  • Using third-party servers to store information makes it vulnerable to various risks.
  • High GAS fees on NFT transactions.

Benefits of Being a Decentralised Exchange

GameStar Exchange: Fueling A New Decentralised Economy For Digital Enthusiasts

GameStar Exchange’s Offerings

  • Gift Card Market
  • Game Item Market
  • NFTs and Metaverse Market

What GameStar Exchange Does Differently: Settling Trade Disputes

What is GMS?

  • Users incur less fees when they trade using $GMS.
  • GMS powers the Taurus Protocol.
  • As a governance token, GMS provides voting power in DAO governance.
  • $GMS acts as collateral to grant traders to trade a specific kind of asset.

The Takeaway



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